designer, software developer and business professional

Skills and strengths

An introduction to my skills and strengths

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Master of Business Administration

I have been working in different positions relating to sales, customer services and marketing.

During my years in business field, I have been working in different roles, including basic sales (B-to-B and B-to-C), up to managerial and specialist roles.

What I really enjoy is taking responsibilities, lead and coach myself, my team or collegues up to new goals. I'm passionate about developing my skills and curious on new methods.

Chart of business skills:

Business skills
Castle in Trento

Master of Science: Computer Science

Currently finishing my studies in the field of computer science. I'm writing my master's thesis on Design Thinking and Agile development methods.

Side by side with my studies, I have been working as an research assistant since May 2018.

Currently my main job is to design and develop an user interface for hyperspectral imaging and analysis. The first version will soon be released and new version for skin cancer research is currently on my desktop.

Following chart tells you how much I have been dealing with these skills in my studies and work.

Programming skills
The bunny home

Designer by Heart

Since early days of my life, I have been enjoying designing and creating things. I'm passionate about creating beauty and functionality. No matter what is the case of design, I'm easy to get on fire and I'm always starting in the end user point of view.

In my professional life have created beautiful cafeteria interiors and marketing materials. Developer skills are adding new tools and possibilities to create digital things in the future.

Evenings and weekends are my time to relax with sewing, knitting, painting, handcrafted woodwork or photographing... You can soon find examples from my portfolio.

Some personal attributes of me

Some attributes


Just a few examples of my creativity.

Click images to open and read my projects.
Please note that I'm currently building my pages ans more examples are on the way.

Marketing materials

Creating emotions

Interior design

Creating emotions with space

User experiences

How I understand UX

Software development

'...and the magic happens.'


Important steps of my professional life.

  • 2002-2004

    Bachelor of Business Administration

    JAMK University of Applied Sciences:

    Marketing, communication, leadership, HR, management.

    Master's thesis: "Personal Brands."

  • 2014-2016

    Master of Business Administration

    JAMK University of Applied Sciences:

    Entrepreneurship and business competence.

    Master's thesis: "The management of an international virtual team."

  • November 2015

    Silicon Valley
    Leadership Program:
    Business Practices in Dynamic Environment.

    A Study tour to California, organized by City of San José and professors from the University of San José and JAMK.

  • 2017-2019

    Master of Science Software engineering

    University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Information Technology:

    Software engineering.

    Master's thesis: "Design thinking and agile methods in software developing."

    Currently finishing my studies in software engineering. Worked as an software developer (full time) besides my studies since May 2018.

  • August 2018

    Trento, Italy

    EuroScipy conference and tutorials. One week in Italy, dedicated to Python!

  • Tomorrow!

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designer, software developer and business professional

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